Conference main objective:

The Conference aims to utilize the concept of health care services governance based on the patient’s experience, engaging the patients and the health sector leaderships and providers of health care services in upgrading the experience and its outcomes; to develop the health care services provided to beneficiaries. Moreover, to identify the standards of the patient′s experience to deepen trust and cooperation between the treatment providers and the patients. It also presents the best international practices and models in this domain.

Conference Objectives:

  1. To shed light on the concepts and principles of governance.
  2. To identify the concepts and dimensions of the patient’s experience.
  3. To highlight the positive role of the patient’s experience in improving health care services.
  4. To discuss the role of governance in utilizing the patient’s experience to develop the health care services.
  5. To crystallize a continuous and a dynamic dialogue between the treatment providers and the patients on the patient experience.
  6. To identify the most important criteria of the patient’s experience to improve the quality of the services in the health institutions.
  7. To demonstrate the best practices and the innovative and technical methods to improve the patient experience.
  8. To discuss the various challenges facing the governance of health services, in reliance on the experience of the patient.