Dr. Abdulaziz Saddique /

Dr. Abdulaziz A Saddique has a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from King Saud University and Doctorate degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota. He is a Certified Clinical Toxicologist and Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Intensive Care, also is a Certified Professional in Health Care Quality (CPHQ), California, USA and Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, ASQ USA 2005. Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner. KPI Institute. He was a founding member of King Abdulaziz Quality Award, Committee, and Healthcare Standards Committee Ministry of Health. Board Member CBAHI up to 2008. He published seven books on Quality Management, Pharmacy, and Toxicology and more than 200 papers in national and international journals.

Work Experience:

  1. CEO Qimat Tayba Pharmaceutical Biotech Company, Al-Madina Al-Monawara 2016- Present
  2. VP Construction and Information Cycle Group, Riyadh, 2008- Present
  3. Administrative Consultant, King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital Riyadh, 2015-2016
  4. Executive Director Quality Management, King Saud University Hospitals 1996-2008
  5. Director of Pharmacy Services, King Saudi University Hospitals, 1985-1996
  6. Associate Director of Pharmacy, King Saud University Hospitals, 1983-1985
  7. Research Associate, Cardiac Surgery, United Hospitals, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 1980-1983
  8. Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, 1980-1983

Consultancy Experience:

  • Consultant to the Minister of Health, 1983-1996
  • Consultant to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation on Protection against Weapons of Mass Destruction. 1989-2008
  • Consultant with WHO-EMRO STC, Oct. 1999-2002,



➢ Distinguished Leadership Award Jan. 1997, American Bibliographic Association, USA
➢Research Scientist, Toxicology, December 1990, University of Ghent, Belgium
Areas of Interest:
➢Clinical Pharmacy Practice
➢Critical Care Medicine
➢Clinical Toxicology
➢Clinical Pharmacokinetics
➢Quality Management and development of human resources
➢Regulatory Affairs (Pharmaceuticals registrations laws)
➢Pharmaceutical Industry planning
➢Pharmacy Administration

  • Healthcare Management


Research Experience:

  • Clinical Coordinator for more than 100 clinical research projects over the past 20 years in Saudi Arabia, most of which were new Pharmaceuticals, in Phase II and III of their development.
  • Consultant to the Minister of Defense and Aviation 1989-2008 on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Carried out more than 35 Research projects for the Ministry of Defense.
  • 35 Bioequivalence Studies, And many others.
  • Research Associate, Cardiac Surgery, published 7 original papers yearly, United Hospital, St Paul, Minnesota, USA


Pharmaceutical Industrial Experience:
1. Carrying feasibility study for I.V. Solution factory in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with Baxter Company USA 20002.
2. Planning and gaining acceptance for International association with Eli Lilly in developing Biotechnology manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia, Al-Ali Group Al-Ahsaa 19983.
3. Planning for an I.V. manufacturing facility, Abdullah Fouad Group 1995.

  1. Planning and CEO of Qimat Tayba Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Company, Al-Madina Al-Monawarah 2016.